Content that sells and tells a story.

Editing that makes it clear and understandable.

Strange brands welcome. (more left.pngHal

 I drill down and find the heart of your product—then tell the rest of the world why they should buy in.

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Hi, I'm Brit. I'm an editor and a copywriter.

More specifically, I'm an editor and copywriter who loves a good ghost story. But you probably already picked up on that.

Stories are what people need, and what leads them to make their lives better.

I help you tell your story in a way that serves your customers while remaining true to your voice. 


I want to know: What makes you strange?


Copy should do more than just sell products.

It should excite people and make them true fans.

Copy should educate.

You have a great product.

But you're worried that other people won't see it for the wonderful, useful product that it is.

You're worried that you won't reach your audience where they live.

You're afraid you won't be found.

You're afraid you won't make money.

I'm here to help.

With years of SEO-informed writing experience and conversion copywriting training, I will:

  • Strengthen and clarify your voice so everyone can understand how great you are.

  • Develop a content system that works for you—and that you can sustain over time.

  • Update your social media profiles (or build you new ones!) to set you on the right path.

What story do you want to tell?

I'll help you tell your story, and reach people waiting to listen.

Interested in working together? Let's talk.