Content is everywhere.

It's easy to get overwhelmed.


In all my years of writing, I've heard one complaint over and over:


"There's just too much to read."



People are overwhelmed with their options. Everywhere is claiming to be the most authoritative place to read the news. Everywhere says their content is the most entertaining.


Even curated offerings may not be complete.

Are their selections even relevant to you?


It's easy to feel very overwhelmed.


Introducing Speed Reads, newsletters for the discerning.


After hearing all of this, I decided to create a new premium offering for people looking for the signals among the noise.


Speed Reads are minimalistic newsletters created individually for each subscriber.

Designate whether you want News, Fun, or a mix of both.

You'll receive a custom newsletter daily, semi-daily, or weekly.

The timing is up to you.


The world is full of things to read and watch.

We'll help you find what matters most to you.


Speed Reads is limited to 10 recipients per quarter.

Minimum booking is one month of newsletters. Renewers and previous customers are given booking priority.

Reserve your place today!


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