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It's all in the details.

When working with my clients, I make a point of getting to know them and researching their brand. I want to help you find (and market) the most human parts of your brand. 

If you're looking to work with me, here's the process you can expect:



30 Minute Introductory Call

Every relationship starts with a friendly hello. If you're interested in working with me, the first step is to contact me. We'll set up an Introductory Call from there.

Some questions you can expect from me during this call:

  • Who ARE you?
  • What's the most exciting thing you're working on right now?
  • What are you making?
  • What challenges are you facing?
  • Where did you first hear about me and/or Black Bow?
  • What's your favorite scary movie? (Kidding! Kinda.)

Assessment Email and Proposal

After our Introductory Call, I will write you an email with a general assessment of your needs and where I believe I can help you. This is to check to make sure you and I communicated properly.

Your job is to respond back ONCE and let me know if my assessment is correct, and if not, how it could be expanded or corrected. I will respond to this email from you with a formal Proposal.

60 minute Discussion and Contract

Here's where the big stuff happens: In our second call, we'll discuss the Proposal at length. This is your time to go into more detail about what you're looking for and clearing up any ambiguities. After taking notes, I will send you a Contract.

Contract Acceptance and Work





After signing the contract, we're off to the races! I set custom deadlines for every project, but typically rush fees apply if you want a job completed in less than two weeks.

I'm perfectly fine with updating you and the occasional check-in before the project is completed. But I do have a few rules:

  • Working hours (i.e. times I can be counted upon to answer email) are 9 am - 5:30 pm PST.
  • Weekends are not times to contact me.
  • No texts or Facebook Messenger messages, please. Email is my preferred communication option.


30 Minute Discussion and Review

Upon sending you your finished product, I will immediately seek to schedule a Discussion session with you to discuss the work and/or to negotiate any necessary revisions. This can be done over the course of 10 emails if you prefer.

At the end of our time together, I will ask you to complete a short survey and ask if you are willing to write a testimonial for this site. Testimonial writers receive a particularly sweet treat!


Sound good? Let's talk.