What IS a blogification, you ask?

It’s the content that should be going with your podcast, lecture, or epic radio hoax.


Your podcast can’t grow from audio alone.

I’m sure your show is great!

But goodness knows there’s a lot of podcasts out there.

And you want to be doing everything you can to ensure that your show is found by your ideal audience.

Most people think that having a website alone sets their podcast apart from the pack.

That’s no longer true. Everyone has a Squarespace code in their intro ad spot.

If you want some of that sweet SEO ranking, you have to have something else.

If you really want listeners to find you, you have to present yourself as exactly what they’re looking for.

You need content.

Blogifications provide an alternative way of enjoying your content.

Far from just an episode recap, a blogification of a podcast episode provides a valuable SEO boost while inspiring potential listeners to listen to the full episode.

The point isn’t to tell the whole story. It’s to inspire people to keep listening.

“How do I earn more web traffic and/or move people toward my premium offering?”

I’ll take your podcast and provide you with a transcription AND an essay formatted around the key points of that episode. Readers will consumer what you’re putting out there… and they’ll stay on your site.

“How do I capture people who want the information I’m giving but who don’t listen to podcasts?”

Blogifications convey your audio content’s information in a seamless, complementary way to your podcast. People who don’t consider themselves podcast fans will be able to access your content and learn more about your brand’s offerings.

And Blogifications Aren’t just for podcasts.

Got a workshop series you want to tease?

How about a course?

A couple of lectures you want to summarize?

How about that that one speaking gig that you have no idea how to write about on your blog?

Blogifications have you covered.

Engage your audience with Blogifications of your audio content.

Summary or Tease?

Either way, I’ve got you covered.

Ready to fill out your audience with content?

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