My writing tends to be... haunting.


Okay, bad joke.


But really: I've been writing and creating far before I did it as a job. Many of those pieces I'm still incredibly proud of, and am delighted to share with you all.

Content by me:

Business and Finance

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Copywriters

How to Not Suck at Pinterest

The not-so-silly reason I left journalism (and why copywriting worked better)

Reddit Just Lost All Chances Of Becoming A Relevant Ad Platform

Don’t Be F*cking Late For Our Meeting.

Why You Should Care about the Redbox Acquisition

Why Consumer Confidence Isn’t a Solid Sign We’re Doing Better

Why You Should Care That BlackBerry Has Stopped Making Phones

Why You Should (Still) Care About Apple Owing Ireland $14.5 Billion

Why You Should Care That Adobe Bought TubeMogul

5 Ways to Share Money With Your Partner and Still Keep Your Financial Independence

You Should Be Making A Will. Like Right Now.

An Ode To The Change Jar

Physical Media: Why You Should Buy In

Forget Holiday Gifts. Give Me A Lump Sum.

How did George, Jerry and Elaine not go bankrupt?


Madrone Cannabis Club — (as Rita Olson)

Reporting on Alaska's cannabis tourism scene — (as Rita Olson)

The 5 most unusual cannabis products you’ve heard of this week


Stars of the Silicon Forest: 10 Portland startups to watch

Top 10 wireless headphones and earbuds for under $50


21 Signs You Never Got Over Goosebumps as a Kid

What If Ebenezer Scrooge Is Really the Draco of A Christmas Carol?

We'll Always Have Snogging: A Tribute to Louise Rennison

Review: “Chain Saw Confidential” by Gunnar Hansen (as Editor in Chief)

4 Things You Should Know About Book Review Blogs

Arts and Lifestyle

Forget Broadway, Tour Towns Are Where It's At for Theater Nerds

For Indie Food Brands, Subscription Boxes Aren't about the Money

What to Expect at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights

Why Having PMDD Makes Me A Better Business Owner.

How To Form Your Own Opinions

5 Ways to Make Opera More Appealing to Young People

The 10 Biggest Debates Among Les Mis Fans

Do Prom Kings and Queens Go On to Fame and Glory? We Found Out.

The Ultimate Superpower Showdown: Flying Versus Invisibility  

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