My writing tends to be... haunting.


Okay, that was a bad joke.


But really: I've been writing and creating far before I did it as a job. Many of those pieces I'm still incredibly proud of, and am delighted to share with you all.

Content by me:


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Copywriters

The not-so-silly reason I left journalism (and why copywriting worked better)

Don’t Be F*cking Late For Our Meeting.

Happy Freedom Day (to me.)

How to Not Suck at Pinterest

Why Having PMDD Makes Me A Better Business Owner.

Review: “Chain Saw Confidential” by Gunnar Hansen — Fangirls Read It First (current Editor in Chief)

4 Things You Should Know About Book Review Blogs — The Creative Penn

Reddit Just Lost All Chances Of Becoming A Relevant Ad Platform — Business2Community

Madrone Cannabis Club — Willamette Week (as Rita Olson)

Reporting on Alaska's cannabis tourism scene — Marijuana Venture (as Rita Olson)


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