We're all a little strange.


We also all have a story to tell.

And you know what? Strange stories sell.

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Hi, I'm Brit. I'm a copywriter.

More specifically, I'm a copywriter who loves a good ghost story. But you probably already picked up on that.

I'm a copywriter who loves to tell stories in general. Weird stories. The kind of stories that involve food, true crime, podcasts, books and all the details you can't wait to hear more about.

Stories are what people need, and what leads them to make their lives better.


What makes you strange?


Copy should do more than just sell products. It should excite people, invigorate them and make them true fans. Copy should educate. Copy should know what makes you strange... and be intrigued.

You have a great product. But you're worried that other people won't see it for the wonderful, useful product that it is. You're afraid that your marketing won't sound human. You're worried that you won't meet your audience where they live.

Most of all, you're afraid you won't be found. You're afraid you won't make money.

I'm here to help.

With years of SEO-informed writing experience and conversion copywriting training, I'll take your story and make it so your fans can find it.

I'll distill your voice down so that everyone can understand how great you are.

I'll live tweet your event so that people can hear your voice as things happen.

I'll fix up your social media profiles (or build you new ones!) to set you on the right path.

I'm here to drill down and find the heart of your product—then show the rest of the world why they should buy it.

There's a reason I specialize in podcasts and authors: They represent the conjunction of art and business that I find so darn fun. But if you're not either of these, don't worry! I've worked with solopreneurs and large companies alike.

Success comes in many forms. I'll help you achieve yours.

What story do you want to tell? Tell me about it.

Interested in working together? Let's talk.