Community management based in true connection.


Communities require a human touch.

That means no automation, no zombies, and showing up as whatever kind of witch you truly are.

I build communities (social media and beyond) for people wanting to sell and engage.

That means going beyond “having a Facebook group for your product.” No. I engage with your group members so they actually hang out in your group. And, you know, buy your product.

It’s not enough to talk about products. You have to be there, talking and acting like a human, to earn your fans.

What does that look like? Here’s a few examples of what I do:

  • Run surveys of participants

  • Sort through requests to join, for both participants and advertisers.

  • Acting as the liaison between group owners and members.

  • Settling disputes between members.

  • Proposing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual events for group members.

  • Writing microcontent for announcements.

  • Compiling reports on engagement, outreach, and growth within the group.

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