Where does the spooky go?

Here are that charities that I am proud to have worked with or have received contribution from the company.


Heifer International
Global economic support.

Women on Web
Providing abortion services to women living in areas where reproductive rights are restricted.

The Wounded Warrior Project
Contributing to the rehabilitation and re-integration of soldiers after combat.

Bringing Halloween (and a bit of a normal childhood) to children in need.

Charity Navigator
Providing information on charitable giving to support informed decisions.

All Classical Portland
Providing classical music programming across Oregon.

Planned Parenthood
Reproductive services to women across the United States.

Pride Foundation
Supporting the rights of LGBTQA+ peoples worldwide.

The first search engine designed to fund the fight against worldwide deforestation.

Happy Period
Providing sanitary materials to homeless women.

Joyful Heart Foundation
Relief and services for sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse survivors; supporting evaluation of backlogged rape kits.

Providing free use photography from volunteer photographers.