Cannabis is the new frontier. Is your copy ready?


Not to brag, but I totally wrote about cannabis before it was cool.

Let’s be frank: Lots of people out there are trying to capitalize on the Green Rush. But that doesn’t qualify them as knowledgeable enough to write about weed or CBD products.

I’m the real deal. I know a terpene from a cannabinoid, and I know better than to suggest someone new to cannabis start with vaping a concentrate.

I’ve explored basement grows in Alaska, interviewing people about how they feel about their way of life becoming “legalized” when they were just fine without it.

I’ve cooked cannabutter in a tiny Crock-Pot, calculating the exact ratios for a brownie recipe I could publish.

I’ve met with vape manufacturers and questioned them about whether their products reflected women’s typical cannabis consumption habits.

Also: I’m certified by the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) with a Marijuana Worker Permit.

Here’s some of my work:

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