I'm a copywriter who embraces the strange.

And that's why I want to work with you.

No, really. My whole career is about embracing the weird, the dark, the random, and the stories that need to be told. It stems from a childhood spent reading lots of books, traveling to distant lands and (literally) hunting for ghosts.

 Yes, that is the face of someone who hunted ghosts.   And two Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirts.  And has a Slender Man backpack.  I'm creepy, okay?

Yes, that is the face of someone who hunted ghosts. 

And two Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirts.

And has a Slender Man backpack.

I'm creepy, okay?

My career is centered around two big principles: Professionalism and creative, effective results.

Yes, I'm a gothic horror fan who collects Texas Chainsaw Massacre shirts. But I also value my reputation for being reliable, diligent, and doing the dirty work. I'll transcribe that interview. I'll tweak that social media copy. I'll compile that dossier. 

I welcome random requests. I embrace them.

I've worked with bloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, and companies that have changed the world.

And you know what? We've done amazing work together.

But beyond the stories, we've brought order to chaos. We've developed strategies that brought forth results. That's my specialty—taking your creative ideas and bringing in the strategy. I want your business to be successful. I have the skills to do it for you.

Also: I live in Portland, Oregon with my family.

The rain speaks to my soul. Also: Home of Leslie Vernon.

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Matt Levin, VP of Marketing & Sales Development at SimpleReach

Brit was our editor-in-chief for our industry newsletter, and was a critical part of our success and growth with this important content initiative. She picked up on our style and voice quickly, and developed a strong understanding of the industry dynamics required to write and edit a sophisticated newsletter for media and marketing professionals. She's a great asset for anyone looking for writing and editing capabilities, particularly when it comes to email newsletters.

Hey Sis podcast

Nailah Blades-Wylie AND Nicole Blades, Hey, Sis! Podcast

Brit came on board to help us the launch of our new podcast. She was a huge help in launching our social media strategy, growing our audience initially and keeping our social channels topped up with interesting and relevant content. She also stepped in to help us stay organized with booking and communicating with guests for the show. We'd recommend Brit to anyone looking for a social media manager to keep their channels organized and consistent!

Douglas Paton

Douglas Paton, Paton Content Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Brit recently and, I have to say, she is amazing. Her social media posts, research skills and copywriting abilities are second to none.

To be totally honest, the best copy from our project together came from her. Not only would I hire Brit again in a heartbeat, I'm putting a funnel in place specifically to find projects to bring her in on.

Shannon LaGasse, Hunger for Happiness

Brit is a fantastic social media manager and an amazing support for my business. She’s on top of current trends and always knows exactly what to post to create the most buzz on my page. She’s very open and receptive to feedback and an incredibly hard worker. Super grateful for her support in managing the social media! 

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DaNelle Wolford, Weed ‘Em & Reap

She has time and time again displayed a level of professionalism that is hard to find. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to increase productivity and efficiency in their business!

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Cybele Loening, MYstery author

When I was getting ready to publish my mystery novel, I hired Brit to do my social media and help me publicize my book. She came up with the great idea of doing an online book tour that directly targeted lovers of mysteries, which helped me sell about 1,000 copies. It was amazing! Brit is a true professional and an absolutely lovely person to work with.

Where does the spooky go?

Here are a few charities that I am proud to have worked with or to have contributed.


Heifer International
Global economic support.

Women on Web
Providing abortion services to women living in areas where reproductive rights are restricted.

The Wounded Warrior Project
Contributing to the rehabilitation and re-integration of soldiers after combat.

Bringing Halloween (and a bit of a normal childhood) to children in need.

Charity Navigator
Providing information on charitable giving to support informed decisions.

All Classical Portland
Providing classical music programs across Oregon.

Planned Parenthood
Reproductive services to women across the United States.

Pride Foundation
Supporting the rights of LGBTQA+ peoples worldwide.

The first search engine designed to fight deforestation worldwide.


Happy Period
Providing sanitary materials to homeless women.

Joyful Heart Foundation
Relief and services for sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse survivors; supporting evaluation of backlogged rape kits.

Providing free use photography from volunteer photographers.