Not sure about your copy? Can’t afford a copywriter?

I can help.


Introducing the Black Bow Content Audit.

Send me your copy project. I tell you how to make it better. You sleep better at night.

Black Bow content audits are like your cool editor friend is giving you the primo package, plus telling you how to make it better. Without, you know, having to hire them.

No copy is sacred. Everything can be improved.

But I understand: You’re tired of staring at the same project over and over again.

With the Content Audit, you’ll get it done fast AND right.

No fuss, just feedback.

Order this package for projects up to 2000 words OR two pages of copy (whichever comes second).

You’ll get full edits on your copy OR content, including 3-8 suggestions for how you can improve conversion or engagement.

The expertise of a copywriter.

The focus of a pro editor.

The speed doesn’t come from sloppiness.

My expertise as a copywriter and author come together to bring you a no-games edited sample that you can use immediately.

This isn’t just a once-over for grammar. An audit means comprehensive evaluation and development so you can move forward.

What types of content is this for?

I’ve performed these audits for…

  • Launch emails

  • Vacation tour descriptions

  • Online freebies

  • Sections of romance novels.

So no, your project isn’t “too weird” for this.

All this for $250.

Need more projects done?


Stack your packages. Your deadline won’t change.

Content Audits are everything you love about Black Bow content expertise, compacted into one wham-bam package.

Ready to start optimizing your copy?